Nepal aid-project

Facts and figures

At the moment there are more than 30 million people living in Nepal, the size of which is about that of Austria and Bavaria in common.

In fact, Nepal is one of the poorest countries of our planet.

Medical care is absolutely insufficient. In the capital city Kathmandu neither water supply nor canalisation systems can be found.

There is only one international airport in Kathmandu.

The railway network’s length is about 29km only; in Austria we do have about 9740 km.

The economy is mainly based on agriculture (78%), tourism (12%) and on industry (only 3%).


I have a dream

The biggest dream of mine is to help poor children who otherwise would have no possibility to get access to a proper education.

The caste system (officially disestablished years ago) unfortunately still makes it impossible to send children from poor families to school. because it lives on in the peoples’ heads.

All other aid organisations have already found out about this major problem and therefore they also mainly focus on providing basic education in schools and advanced training to make sure that these children have a chance to live in a future which is worth living.

I am really trying hard to get as many as concrete and correct information as possible.

By doing online researches and by the help of sponsors who have already been personally visiting Nepal I am focusing on providing absolutely correct data.

My biggest priorities are to convince you that all donations, which are given to this project do 100%, reach Nepal and are used as efficient and effective as ever possible.

Our project is mainly growing by the means of word-of-mouth recommendation.

If somebody wants to get more information about it, please do so by filling in my contact formula.

I am willing to personally get into contact with all potential supporters and I will give my absolute best to honestly and convincingly answer all your questions.

This project will only be able to grow as long as we trust each other.

My business card says “ONLY IN COMMON WE ARE STRONG!”

May peace, joy and success be with all our present and future supporters.


Yours, Kinga-Reka Bachinger